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Keep up with Kid's Church - Have a look below to find out what your child will be doing in Church over the next few months.

Kid's Church @ 9:15 on Sundays: Grades 1 to 5

Palm Sunday and Easter
As we come closer to Easter I am getting pretty excited about our lessons! We are using these videos from Skit Guys as a jumping off point: Palm Sunday and Easter. You will note that while one is a little silly, the other is quite serious. Have a chat with your children about the Easter story this month and see where the Spirit is moving in their hearts.

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Sunbeams @ 9:15 on Sundays: Ages 3-5

Waving Palms
This month we will naturally be teaching the story of Palm Sunday and Easter. There are tons of great children's Christmas books, but look for Easter Story books and it can be slim pickings for younger children. There is a link to this website that may help you hunt around for one your child would enjoy. My favorite is still part of the Jesus Storybook Bible - a video version of this picture book can be found here: Jesus Storybook Bible: God's Wonderful Surprise"

If you are interested in some great ideas for family nights or activities you can do at home or would like to see where we got some of our creative prayer ideas take a look at our Sunbeams Pinterest page.

Nursery @ 9:15 on Sundays: Ages birth to 3

God made living things
This month we will focus on the idea that God is the source of all life. You will see a multitude of eggs, chicks, ducks and bunnies this time of the year, all celebrating new life. Take this opportunity to talk with your baby about what is alive - what moves and eats and grows! God is the source of life and only He can create it.

God Bless and See you all on Sunday


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